About Sports Trunk

Sports Trunk is about the fans and their teams.

We know what it means to bleed your team's colours, schedule your life around your team’s game schedule, follow every online news source for the latest team updates (even in the offseason) and generally eat, sleep and dream of your team. We get it. You’re an obsessed fan…and we dig that about you. That’s why we brought you the Sports Trunk. We have the best selection of fan merchandise available in Canada so there is something for everyone.

From the casual bandwagon-jumping-fair weather fan to the off-the-wall-crazy-ass-bodypainted-screaming-die-hard guy (and everything in between) we’ve got something for you. No matter how you define it, we can feed your sports obsession.

All of the products on our site are actually in our inventory. That’s over 3,000 SKUs to browse and order. We ship from Canada to Canada so you avoid all those nasty cross border duties.

Our warehouse (super huge trunk of goodies) is located in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario. Shipping is via Canada Post so you can track your purchase from order to delivery.

Make sure you follow us online to hear all the latest on sports and special offers:

For hockey fans – www.facebook.com/NHLtrunk
Twitter @NHLTrunk
For football fans – www.facebook.com/NFLtrunk
Twitter @NFLTrunk
Inside the Trunk

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